Teacherpalm iOS Installation

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Teacherpalm, must first be installed through App Store. If you already have Teacherpalm installed, skip to the transferring data section below.

On your device, open the App Store.
Click Search.
Type in “Teacherpalm”, and then select it from the list.
Click Free, and Install.
Enter your iTunes password, and then click OK.

Once Teacherpalm is installed, you will be able to start it any time by clicking on it.

Transferring data

Please make sure you have upgraded to SIS Liberty, all tabs have been configured and updates have ran successfully. If you have not upgraded to SIS Liberty please see steps here

Syncing Datasets

Open up Teacherpalm
Click the + on the lower left corner
Choose one of the following:
- Built-In Data for a sample of our demo data
- Search Wifi - uses Bonjour Print Services and if you do not have multiple subnets
- Remote Address - enter the IP address of the machine running SIS Liberty
Click "connect" to view a list of Recipient datasources
Choose the Recipient datasource to start the download process
Log in to your Recipient datasource using the key/password that was set up in SIS Liberty