SIS Liberty won't start due to a Configuration Manager issue

Sometimes the configuration database could become locked on Windows. How this manifests is that when you open SIS Liberty, you receive a Configuration Manager error window, and once you click 'ok' SIS Liberty closes.

If this occurs, it normally means that the backend database is locked in an abnormal state, and we cannot access the information contained within.


  • Bring up the task manager and close any duplicate SIS Liberty processes:

    • Click Cntrl-Shift-Esc to bring up Task Manager or
    • click on Windows Start Menu
    • type 'Task Manager'
    • click on 'Viewing running processes with Task Manager'
    • click on the Processes tab and see if there are any sislib_ui.exe processes running
    • highlight that process and click 'End Process'
  • Try running SIS Liberty again.

If this did not fix the issue, try restarting the machine.