SIS Liberty Transferring Data

Click the “Run” button to confirm that all schools and recipients are ready to be extracted and updated.


Then click the Start button to begin school data extracts with the recipient updates to follow


What is happening?

School Extract Run: data is being exported from the SIS to the “School Data” directory. If Manual Extract was selected, data is being copied from the Export Folder directory (set up under Sources) over to the School Data directory (C:\Users[user]\Documents\Discovery Software\School Data)

Recipient Run: data is being copied from the “School Data” directory then encrypted into the Destination directory to be retrieved by the recipient.

Discovery Update Service Run: checks that the parameters are correct and that the service is running. The Provider installed is responsible for updating the appropriate recipient.xml file

Local Folder Run: the encrypted dataset is being copied over to the Local Folder directory set under Destinations. The dataset can then be copied over to the application that will be using it