SIS Liberty Speed Issues

Over all speed issues come down to 2 factors:

  1. The amount of data & photos being transferred
    Reduce the size of the import file. Users often become unaware that they are storing outdated data from past years as well as files they are unsure should be stored in the import folder. While the provider application will only import what it needs, if you are running the Manual Extract bridge and you have unnecessary files stored in the Export Folder, these files will be countered into the transfer time. You should never have any executables, license files or photos/photo folders in your data folder. The data folder should only contain what the bridge executes, if you are running the Manual Extract bridge, your Export Folder should only contain what is documented in the User Guide.

  2. The speed of the machine running SIS Liberty
    If you use a machine that has an SSD drive, they can be at least 4 times faster at processing file based instructions than a typical (HDD) hard drive. A machine with an SSD drive will speed your run time for SIS Liberty by half (if not more). This is not necessary for single buildings, but should be considered for district wide configurations.

  3. Adding Intuitions will also add to the run time
    For (approx) 2500 students with import size of 11 MB:

Older machine
Microsoft Windows Vista Business
5.6 Windows Exp. Index
4GB memory
Quad Core 2.4 Ghz
1 standard 7200 rpm HDD
Boot C: 500 GB, Read 58.36 MB/s; Write 54.55 MB/s

SSD Machine
Laptop Windows 7 Professional
5.9 Windows Exp. Index
8GB memory
64 bit, Intel Core 2.7 GHz
across 2 SSD drives
Data C: 500 GB, Read 439.5 MB/s; Write 177.4 MB/s
Data D: 500 GB, Read 108.4 MB/s; Write 106.8 MB/s

Import time for HDD: 1:48
Import time for SDD: 0:43
Import time for Log: 6:17

Total time for HDD: 6:07
Total time for SSD: 3:29
Total time for Log: 9:28