SIS Liberty Principalm Recipient

The Recipient tab will allow you define which group or user will be receiving a dataset and where it will be sent.

Dataset: Choose a dataset created from the Dataset tab

Name: Create a name for the recipient receiving this dataset (ie: “Security”)

Destination: Choose Discovery Update Service if data will be synced via wifi. Choose Folder Location if data will be updated from a local directory. You will be required to define these settings under the Destinations tab.


Principalm Configuration: Enter a password to be used with this recipient data, then re-enter to confirm.

Security Settings: Set handheld security settings:

• enter the minimum password length

• login attempts and which failed action to use

• Lockout minutes are used if failed action is suspended.

Photo Settings:
Photo Size - Choose from the following;
* Original Source: If your photos are HD photos in Principalm will now support HD photos, or the original quality of your photos. Data transfer speed will slow down and device storage usage will add up.
* Low Quality Image: Uses the lowest quality of image available, photos may appear blurry. Data transfer will speed up, very minimal device storage usage.
* Standard Quality Image: Standard photo resolution, standard speed for data transfer, standard storage usage.