SIS Liberty Log File

The SIS LibertyLog File may provide some insight into why a problem is occurring. When contacting support we may ask a user to email this log file to us.

These logs do not contain any sensitive information. They provide a linear look at how SIS Liberty is running and may indicate where there was a problem.

These logs can be found on the machine running Discovery's SIS Liberty, and are only generated after you have run Discovery's SIS Liberty. The logs keep a continuous record of each time SIS Libertyis run, and will keep up to 7 days worth of logs.

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\My Documents\Discovery Software\Logs\
  • where [user] is the user with which you are logged on to the Windows machine.

Windows Vista and 7:

C:\Users\[user]My Documents\Discovery Software\Logs\
  • where [user] is the user with which you are logged on to the Windows machine.

File Naming

SIS Liberty-YYYY-MM-DD.log


YYYY is the 4-digit year

MM is the 2-digit month

DD is the 2-digit day

File Format

This file is a text file and can be opened in Notepad.

The format of this file is as follows:

The first portion contains the header, this contains information helpful in determining when the product was built, when it was run, and indicates the start of each run instance of SIS Liberty.

The last run will begin with the last occurrence of this header.

SIS Liberty Log File
Discovery Software Inc. (c) 2002-2011

Built on       : Nov 12 2010 15:03:43
Generated on   : Jan 11 2011 12:20:16 PM
Version        :
               : Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 (operating system version 6.0)

After the header you can see one line for each log entry:

SIS Liberty:12:20:16: Debug         MainWindow::MainWindow: Starting App...
  • First we have the Application name: SIS Liberty
  • Next the time of this log, this is useful in determining which portions are taking too long to complete.
  • Next we have the log level of this log entry: Debug
  • Next we have the Method reporting the log, this is internal information useful for our developers to find an issue: MainWindow::MainWindow
  • Lastly We have the actual log message, this can occupy multiple lines, and may be scrambled for security purposes: Starting App...

The rest of the log contains information useful in diagnosing problems with running Discovery's SIS Liberty. Please contact our support department for help in diagnosing problems: Email Support