SIS Liberty Introduction


Discovery Software Ltd. has spent over 20 years perfecting a data extraction tool for more than100 different Student Information Systems (SIS’s). The extracted data needs to be in a standard format so that it can be compatible with our handheld applications such as Principalm.

We've realized that Principalm is not the only product that requires SIS data; our evaluation software, Rubrix, needs it as well. We’ve now dramatically extended the Acorn/Connect product that supplies data to Principalm so that it can send information to a variety of other external programs as well.

In extending the scope of this product, we’ve also changed the name to SIS Liberty – because it will completely liberate your SIS data while giving you complete control over how your student information is used.
The new SIS Liberty allows you to extract data from your Student Information System and use it with a variety of Discovery and third- party products. It is completely available to use when and where you need it – your school, your data.

To get started, download a Discovery Provider application (packed with SIS Liberty)

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