SIS Liberty Destinations

Here you will define where all of the information configured in the previous tabs will be delivered.

Discovery Update Service

If Discovery Update Service is selected a default data path will automatically be entered in. Wifi is required if Discovery Update Service is selected. This is the directory to where the recipient(s) will retrieve their dataset(s) if you wish to redirect your dataset(s), enter the new path and click "test". This will automatically redirect the Discovery Update Service path, so you will notice a dos window pop up multiple times informing you of the change. A subfolder for each recipient will be added to this new directory. If there is a change in the ip address, SIS Liberty will display the new ip address under Support Information.

Network Settings: Port: 8080 will be entered in by default. If you do not use port 8080 change this port accordingly.

Support Information: When configured successfully, the ip address that the service will run on will be displayed. This is the ip address you will sync to. Click "Test" to test results.

If parameters are not set correctly, you may access the Services applet to confirm that “Discovery Update Service” was installed correctly.

The Services applet can be found by accessing:

Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

Locate Discovery Update Service and check to see if the service has started. If not click Start service. To view properties, right click and choose Properties.

The “Path to executable”, this is the directory to the Discovery Update Service, the Port will be listed at the end of this path. Do not make changes here. If the path to the service is incorrect, make your changes in SIS Liberty under the Destinations tab.

If wifi will not be used, select "Local Folder" then choose the directory to where the dataset will be sent.

Local Folder

Destination Configuration: Enter the path where the destination can find the recipient information. A default path will be entered in automatically and if not changed, recipient information will be updated here.

To transfer data to your device, use "Drag and Drop" method to copy the recipient folder directly over to the device.

To schedule the updates to run automatically via Scheduled Task, check the box next to “Update destination dataset automatically”. If this machine is logged off or shut down at night, check the box next to “This computer is turned off at night” this will run the task at start up.