SIS Liberty Datasets

Click Add to create a dataset to be used by a user or group of users.

Data is used by: Choose a provider that will be using this dataset (ie; Principalm, Rubrix, Third-Party product)

Create a name for this dataset or for the group of datasets that will be included (ie: “Principalm - Security” sees High School data).

Licensed Schools:
Select the “Licensed School(s)” to be included in this dataset (ie: High School)

Data Used:

Check the data that is to be used with this dataset. Uncheck the data to filter it (ie: High School Security may not want to see Student Medical so uncheck “Student Medical” in this group of data).

Repeat steps and customize for all datasets added.If you only have one licensed school you could repeat these steps by customizing filters only.

Click Test to test Dataset parameters.