SIS Liberty Automatic Updates

To schedule SIS Liberty to run automatically, click the "Update Destination Data Automatically" check box under the Destinations tab.

This will turn on task in Windows Task Scheduler.
To modify this task open up Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler

SIS Liberty batch files are stored in \Documents\Discovery Software\Configuration. Please do not modify these batch files on your own, if you have any recommendations or issues please email Discovery Support

SIS Liberty UI can also run via command line. Please download the most recent version of SIS Liberty here to support this feature.

Release History

  • If automatic updates was turned on in a previous build, build 2.03.0090 (or later) will Disable the following task "SIS.Liberty.All" and create a new task called SIS.Liberty.UI.

  • If automatic updates was not turned on, check the box under the Destination tab to enable SIS.Liberty.UI.

  • SIS.Liberty.UI will run SIS Liberty via command line as scheduled.

  • Any custom SIS Liberty batch files created will still run as expected.

After installing the update:

  • If the UI is opened and the task starts, Liberty will just start to run as normal.

  • If the UI is closed and the task starts, Liberty will start up as normal with all tabs greyed out.