How to extract data directly from Schoolmaster

The Principalm built in data extractor is available in Schoolmaster 1.82 and later.

Before you begin, create a folder on the computer to where the data files and photos will be stored. If data files will be shared with other users, creating the folder on a shared network is recommended. Information about this bridge/release is available Schoolmaster Bridge.

  1. In Schoolmaster, go to Utility > Import/Export > Principalm Extract

    The Principalm Extract dialogue window appears

  2. "Sequence" the extract (default settings recommended)
  3. Select the Principalm "Folder" button to choose the folder directory. Data files and photos will be extracted to this directory.
  4. Click "Export" to start the data extracts

    When complete, close out of Schoolmaster.

Please contact Discovery Support for the Schoolmaster.PDE file and if you need any assistance.

To automate the extract set up a scheduled task to run:

dmwin.exe -principalm

To automate individual schools set up a scheduled task to run a second argument to the command line switch:

Before you begin, locate the school prefix for the desired school. In Schoolmaster, you can look up each school's prefix in; setup > general > licensed schools.

If the prefix for this school was "H" your command would look like this:

dmwin.exe -principalm "H"

This will create a subfolder within the extract folder called "H" and this folder will ultimately have all of "H" school's extracted Principalm files.

You are now ready to sync data over to the handheld by running SIS Liberty.