How do I upgrade to SIS Liberty

These instructions are for users who already have Principalm Connect and Acorn data extractor in place. Upgrading to SIS Liberty will use your existing configuration settings and transfer them into SIS Liberty. You will need to download and install SIS Liberty and any associated providers for the applications you wish to use.

Compile all of your installers from our new How to Get Started page this will allow you to choose all of the downloads you will need to get started.

  1. Close out of Acorn & Principalm Connect if it is running on your computer

  2. Download the appropriate bridge compatible with SIS Liberty. Follow the on screen instructions to install the bridge. _The installer will also remove any old versions of the bridge and any associated Windows Scheduled Tasks (On Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, 2008).

  3. Download the appropriate Provider Package this will include the following installers:

  • The Provider (i.e.; Principalm)
  • Microsoft C++ Redistributable (if not already installed)
  • Discovery Update Service
  • SIS Liberty
  1. Once all installers have been installed, a field box (selected by default) will be turned on to launch SIS Liberty right away. If you unchecked this, you may open SIS Liberty from the shortcut icon on your desktop:
    SIS Liberty Icon

Documentation to setup and configure SIS Liberty can be found in the following places:

Now that SIS Liberty is opened and running, you should verify that your data was imported correctly from the old version of the data extractor. Go through each of the tabs in order to complete the configuration settings. Follow instructions listed in one of the Guides above for more info or contact Discovery Support for assistance.