Blackberry Remote Data Transfer

Supports Blackberry OS10 and later devices

Principalm app must first be installed using the Blackberry App World.

Blackberry Data Transfer feature uses a subscription model to assure that the latest school data is on your device. Setup your datasource subscription and when new datasets are detected, they will be transferred to your device. Principalm will check for new datasets when your device connects to a WiFi network or when you open the login screen.

Find your Data

If Principalm opens to the login screen with the Demo Data selected. Click the Change button to choose a different dataset.

  1. Enter your name and click Search to search for your datasets. If you are unsure of the name leave this field blank, this will search all datasets available; local and via wifi.

    App Search

  2. Select "Manual Entry" to enter remote address if no datasets are available, then click Search

    App Search

    App Search

  3. When a server is detected, select your data from the list of datasets found. Principalm will also search all local folders for Principalm data.

App Search

4. Selecting your data will take you to the login screen.

App Search

5. Use the login password set up in SIS Liberty to log in

Edit Datasource

  1. Click the "pencil" icon to edit/delete your datasource
  2. Under the Sync section check/uncheck the field box to turn these features on/off

Delete Datasource

  1. Click the "pencil" icon to edit/delete your datasource
  2. Click the "trash bin" icon to delete it

Transferring data via USB to Blackberry Playbook plus OS10 and later devices

  1. Connect the Blackberry OS10 device to your computer, using the device's USB cable.
  2. On your computer, open SIS Liberty to configure it if you have not already done so
  3. From the Recipient tab set Destination to Folder Location
  4. From the Destination tab, select Folder Location and choose a temporary drive or directory (i.e.: removable disk drive or C:\).
  5. Select Run then Start to start data transfer.
  6. When the update has completed, data should now be on your device or if data was directed to C:\ copy the "Principalm" folder to your device