Android Installation

How to Download Principalm for Android

app store

Principalm must first be installed using Google Play Store. If you already have Principalm installed, skip to the transferring data section below.

On your Android Device

  1. On your device, open the Google Play app
  2. Click the Search icon (top right).
  3. Type “Principalm”, and then select it from the list.
    App Search
  4. Click Free to Install.
  5. Click Accept & Download to accept permissions.
  6. Optional: You may want to set automatic updating for Principalm, so that your application will be automatically updated when there is a new version. Click the checkbox on the Principalm application within the app store to turn on auto updating.
    Auto Update
  7. Click Install To begin installation.
    Auto Update

On your Computer

  1. On your computer open the Google Play Store; Or you can link directly using the QR Code here:
    QR Code
  2. Click on the Install button (top left).
  3. Click Free to Install
  4. Your checkout should appear:
  5. You may need to sign in:
    1. Click Sign In
    2. You will be prompted to sign in using your google account
    3. You will need to register if you have not already done so
    4. Once you have signed in you will be directed to the Checkout.
  6. If you are signed in you should get to the Checkout:
  7. Select your device in the "Send to another device" section, if no device is listed, you need to associate one with your account.
  8. Click Install
  9. Principalm should be pushed to your device shortly, if it does not download automatically, you may wish to try downloading directly with your device (described above).
  10. Click OK

Once Principalm is installed, you will be able to start it any time by opening your App tray then selecting Principalm.

If you want to try out Android, but do not have your school's data yet, we have Sample Data available

App Search

Android Data Transfer
Please refer to Android Data Transfer for setup.