Building Intuitions Data

You must first install the Intuitions Builder which is a new component that will run in SIS Liberty. The Intuitions Builder can be found here:

Download Intuitions Builder

Once the Intuitions Builder is installed, (assuming you already have SIS Liberty configured successfully) open up SIS Liberty as normal. In the Datasets tab under the Data Used section you will notice a new Intuitions field box, click on the arrow next to it to expand the list of modules supported.


You may turn modules on or off by checking and unchecking the field boxes next to them. Keep in mind that you will also be able to filter modules directly in the app at any time, so it is safe to keep al modules selected during the initial update.

Run SIS Liberty as normal and you will now notice a new Intuitions Task during the run


The builder creates an SQLite database (intuitions.db) in an Intuitions sub folder of the data/pde folder. You can view it using any standard SQLite browser (modifying tables is not recommended).

This style of intuition basically looks for changes in the data. The first time you run the builder it will cache the necessary data and on subsequent runs will compare the imported data with the cached data. It will generate intuitions if new, deleted or modified data is detected.