Uninstall Old Data Extractors

This article pertains to Windows users:

Problem: SIS Liberty installed correctly, but my old Data Extractor is still installed.

When you install SIS Liberty, we try to uninstall all existing versions of the the old style Data Extractors. In some cases you may encounter a situation where this appears to work, but the Data Extractor is still installed. This occurs in most cases because the Data Extractor was installed as a different user (maybe the Administrator). When it was installed it was installed for All Users. So when you try and uninstall the program you do not have permission to do so, in fact you probably cannot even see this product installed in the Programs and Features ( Add and Remove Programs on Windows XP ).

Solution: Remove the program using an Administrator account or the account used to install it originally.

If you have access to this computer as the administrator (or the user that installed the program originally):

  1. Log off current user.
  2. Log on to the machine using the appropriate user.
  3. Go to Start->Control Panel->Programs and Features (or Add Remove Programs)
  4. Find Principalm Data Extractor for [SIS name] right click uninstall.

If you do not have access to other user accounts on this computer, you will need to contact your IT administrator and notify them of this problem.

Note: Having the old version of the Data Extractor on this computer will not cause problems with SIS Liberty or the new Bridges, but may cause confusion if the old Data Extractor is run rather than SIS Liberty.