Issues Installing Oracle Drivers

If you are having difficulties installing the Oracle drivers after extracting all files from the compressed folders, see check list below:
(Please refer to your SIS bridge User Guide for steps on installing Oracle drivers)

  • Ensure you have saved the correct Oracle driver build
  • Ensure you have downloaded the 32bit drivers (as our bridges do not support 64bit). 32bit drivers can be installed and run on 64bit machines.
  • Ensure that you are testing this via odbcad32.exe (if running on a 64bit machine). See here for more info.
  • Ensure you have added the correct Environmental Path (settings under Control Panel) see bridge User Guide for additional steps.
  • Ensure you "Unblock" the compressed folder before extracting. Once the compressed folder has been saved to your machine; right click and choose Properties, next click the "unblock" button and hit apply then OK to save changes. Repeat steps for all compressed folders.