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  1. Error "Failed with unknown error while parsing query"

    This error occurs when running a data extract using a Data

  2. Uninstall Old Data Extractors

    This article pertains to Windows users:

  3. How do I report a bug?

    Please report all bugs by sending an email to Discovery Support. We

  4. iOS Seek Past End error

    If you encounter a "Seek Past End" error in Principalm on your

  5. Using a WiFi adapter to create a wireless network

    If you do not have a WiFi adapter you may need to purchase one.

  6. Issues Installing Oracle Drivers

    If you are having difficulties installing the Oracle drivers

  7. Error: User requested cancel of current operation

    When running an extraction that is taking a long time, the data

  8. Discovery Update Service: Firewall Advance Security

    If firewall settings are blocking Discovery Update Service from

  9. How to extract data directly from Schoolmaster

    The Principalm built in data extractor is available in

  10. Error: Unable to load translation.dll

    Creating an ODBC Data Source for Pentamation Open Series or

  11. Error No Datasets Found

    "No Datasets Found" error message when you sync via wifi? Try

  12. SIS Liberty Log File

    The SIS LibertyLog File may provide some insight into why a

  13. Bridge Log Files

    The Bridge Log File may be provide some insight into why a

  14. SIS Liberty Support

    further troubleshooting.

  15. Manual Extract Bridge Setup

    To begin using DSL's

  16. ODBC Set-Up: Oracle

    To set up an Oracle Server DSN: