iOS Sync issues

After updating Principalm in SIS Liberty using Discovery Update Service you should be able to open Principalm on an iOS device and search wifi or connect to a remote address to view your recipient datasets.

  • If your datasets are not listed via wifi, it could be that you have multiple subnets, choose Remote Address instead and enter the ip address of the machine that is running SIS Liberty. If you don't know this, it is listed in SIS Liberty under the Destinations tab.

  • Check that the Discovery Update Service Destination is running successfully in SIS Liberty. Test the connection to ensure that it is running successfully. If the test fails with error message "Data Path does not match installed service", please update your DUS here to update to the most recent DUS.

  • If the ip address was entered into the Remote Address field correctly and the Discovery Update Service is running successfully, check your firewall settings to ensure that the DUS is not getting blocked. If your firewall is turned on, set an inbound rule to allow the DUS to bypass this firewall see steps here

  • If you are running Windows Vista or 7, UAC (User Access Control) may be blocking the Update Service. Set Liberty to run as local admin: open up C:\Program Files\Discovery Software\SIS Liberty and right click "sislib_us.exe" to open up its properties, click the Compatibility tab and check the box that says "Run this program as an administrator", click OK to save settings.

  • If you get a "Seek Past End" error, follow steps here to correct the issue.

If you have a sync issue that is not listed here, please contact Discovery Support for further assistance.