MyEd BC Manual Data Extracts

MyEdBC Principalm Data Extract
Currently this extract only supports Student Demographics, Contact data and Schedules.

In the future we hope to have these extracts built into MyEd BC province wide, but until then extracts must be manually exported. Feel free to save your extracts for frequent extracts and Principalm updates.

Step 1. Create a new field set. Click on the field set icon and then on Manage Field Sets.


Step 2. Create three reports. The first one is titled Principalm Demographics.

Add the following fields:

Pupil #
Legal Last Name
Legal First Name
Band of Origin
Bus Number PM
Care Card
Grade Level
Band of Residence
Bus Route AM
Date of Birth
Homeroom Teacher
Special Education Status
Legal Middle Name
Aboriginal Ancestry
Bus Number AM
Bus Route PM
Home Phone
Special Education Type

Step 3. Repeat step 1 and create the second report titled Principalm Contact 1 with the fields listed below.


Step 4. Repeat step 1 and create the third report titled Principalm Contact 2 with the fields listed below.


Step 5. To export the data, select the field set icon and choose Principalm Demographics.


Step 6. Choose the Quick Report icon and choose CSV. Name the report Student_Demographics.csv and save it in the Discovery Import_Folder.


Step 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for Principalm Contact 1 and Principalm Contact 2 naming the CSV files Student_Contact1.csv and Student_Contact2.csv.

Step 8. Generating Student Schedules:
* Choose School View - Schedule Top Tab - Schedule Side Tab – Student Schedules
* On the top right of the screen – Click on Field Set Menu
* Click on Manage Field Sets and choose New
* Enter "Principalm Student Schedule" for the Name
* Enter the "School’s Name" for the owner, so that all the clerical/ admin can see it for future extracts
* Fields to add

· Student Table – Pupil#, Grade level

· Student Schedule – Course, Description, Section Number, Teacher, Schedule, Schedule Term

· Primary Staff – Room Assigned

  • Click Save
  • Go to the top right of your screen and click on the printer icon
  • Save as .CSV and call it "Student_Schedules.csv"

Once you have all 4 reports completed, place them into a folder along with the MyEdBC.pde. The PDE file defines the fields exported by MyEd BC for Principalm. You may download a PDF version of these instructions as well as the MyEdBC.pde from the MyEdBC bridge page.

Please note that, Attendance, Medical, Conduct data has not yet been added to the PDE so if you wish to generate reports for these on your own you will need to send a sample to support so that we could add it to the PDE.